The selection comprises 47 dishes from the northern region, 37 from the central region, and 37 from southern localities. These dishes accurately reflect the rich cultural heritage and culinary traditions of each locality and region in Vietnam.

The selection process was based on various criteria, including cultural significance, historical importance, culinary techniques, and economic value. The Vietnamese Cultural Culinary Association (VCCA), led by President Nguyen Quoc Ky, has been actively involved in this project.

The VCCA aims to transform Vietnam into a global culinary destination, while also preserving and promoting the cultural values of the country. As of the end of 2022, the project has already collected data on 421 dishes from 60 cities and provinces.

During the event, President Ky called for the participation and support of businesses in this important project. He also announced that the association plans to complete a comprehensive database of 1,000 typical Vietnamese dishes, with the long-term goal of establishing an online map and museum dedicated to Vietnamese cuisine.

President Ky believes that this project will contribute to boosting the Vietnam brand worldwide through its unique culinary offerings, thus enhancing the country’s national competitiveness.