“Let’s Feast Vietnam” is a collaboration between BHD Production, Meta Company, and the Vietnamese Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Sports’ International Co-operation Department. The show will feature 14 talented content creators and celebrities from across Asia.

Representing the Vietnamese team are Thao Nhi Le, runner-up of Miss Universe Vietnam 2022, singer and actor Rocker Nguyen, and content creator food blogger Vu Dino. Together, they will showcase the best of Vietnamese culture, cuisine, and hospitality.

The reality show consists of 10 episodes and takes viewers on a culinary adventure through Vietnam’s various tourist destinations. Six teams will compete in exciting challenges.

The show aims to promote local culture, tourism, and cuisine to approximately 300 million followers on social platforms around the world. It will be aired every Tuesday and Wednesday from August 15 to August 29 on Netflix in all Asian countries, and for free in Vietnam on the Danet entertainment application.

Additionally, short clips from the show will be broadcast globally on Meta’s social networks to promote Vietnamese tourism in the post-COVID-19 period.