Agoda, a leading online platform for tourism services, has recently released a list of incredible destinations to ring in 2024, as compiled by AI technology.

Among the AI-driven recommendations are globally renowned attractions such as Australia’s Sydney Bay fireworks show and the iconic Times Square ball drop in New York, USA.

Notably, the Saigon River’s fireworks show has also made the list, cementing the southern Vietnamese city as one of the “amazing destinations” for New Year’s Eve.

According to Vu Ngoc Lam, director of Agoda in Vietnam, the list was curated based on suggestions from various AI applications in order to encourage spontaneous trip bookings through their online tourism platform.

The list features ten destinations that promise stunning cityscapes, dynamic festive parties, and unique atmospheres for ushering in the new year, catering to air travelers, party enthusiasts, and families.

Here is a glimpse of what awaits visitors at these captivating locations:

Singapore: Enjoy bursts of fireworks at Marina Bay, coupled with lively street parties and carnival festivals.

Bali, Indonesia: Count down on the beach while enjoying fireworks and traditional Balinese performances.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: Immerse yourself in a festive tapestry woven with fireworks performances on the Saigon River and lively activities in District 1.

Tokyo, Japan: Experience the Japanese tradition of welcoming the new year by observing the sunrise and participating in cultural festivals and countdown parties.

Sydney, Australia: Witness world-famous pyrotechnic shows at the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House, complemented by family events and parties.

New York City, USA: Share the festive ambiance at Times Square, counting down to the new year with the iconic Times Square ball drop, and enjoy citywide parties and musical festivals.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Dive into the lively atmosphere on Copacabana Beach with vibrant samba rhythms and spectacular fireworks performances.

London, United Kingdom: Admire the night sky along the Thames River with fireworks shows and consider joining events or parties on boats.

Edinburgh, Scotland: Participate in traditional Hogmanay celebrations featuring grand street parties, torchlight processions, and the unique Loony Dook festival.

Reykjavik, Iceland: Enjoy the locals’ Bonfire Festival, gaze at fireworks against the snowy landscape, and, if you are lucky, witness the stunning northern lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis.