The festival is a celebration of science communication in Southeast Asia, South Asia, Africa, and the Middle East in collaboration with local partners. It aims to promote science literacy and raise awareness of contemporary scientific, technological, and environmental issues through international films accompanied by educational activities.

The festival takes place internationally from October to December 20 and invites viewers to enjoy the best of international science communication.

It is an official supporting partner of the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration this year. The theme serves as a rallying call for the protection and restoration of ecosystems worldwide.

“We believe that films not only provide exposure to different cultures, but they also convey valuable scientific knowledge,” said Oliver Brandt, director of the Goethe Institute in Hanoi.

“By combining films with practical experiments, knowledge can be absorbed in a playful and easier way. Science is for everyone, and this festival is the Goethe Institute’s contribution to achieving this goal.”

This year’s film festival, the institute and the jury selected 12 films out of a total of 1,700 submissions from 102 countries. For the first time in the festival’s history, a film with the participation of the Hanoi Goethe Institute in its production was submitted.

Bình Yên, Come Home directed by Nguyen Hoang Viet, focuses on the situation of bears in captivity in Vietnam and the efforts of the animal conservation organization Four Paws to rescue them.

The 30-minute film is suitable for secondary-school audiences and will be screened in Vietnam.

As in previous years, the films will be available for online viewing throughout the festival on the Goethe Institute’s VIMEO platform. Vietnamese audiences can easily access the VIMEO link to watch the films by registering at

The festival presents scientific issues in a accessible and entertaining manner to a wide audience, demonstrating that science can be fun. Since its first edition in 2005, the event has significantly grown to become the largest event of its kind worldwide.

According to the institute’s director, the science film festival has become an educational event for teachers, aiming to broaden their perspectives and provide them with opportunities to connect with other international networks around the world.

In line with this, the Goethe Institute has launched a documentary production project titled “Sustainability in Documentaries 2023” to tell stories of sustainable development through documentary footage. The two-year project aims to foster collaboration between civil society organizations (CSOs) in Vietnam and documentary filmmakers.

Filmmakers are encouraged to leverage their knowledge and skills while utilizing materials provided by the CSOs to inspire society towards global sustainable goals. This initiative also seeks to prepare Vietnamese documentary filmmakers to showcase their quality documentaries on an international platform.

Entries can be submitted to the Goethe Institute’s branch in HCM City, N18, Road 1, Cu Xa Do Thanh, District 3 until November 27. Jurors, veteran directors Trinh Quang Tung, Trinh Dinh Le Minh, and Ha Le Diem, will select the three best projects, with each receiving VND 210 million (US$8,500) to produce the film.

These films will receive support to be showcased at international film festivals and the science film festival hosted by the Goethe Institute.