The organisers of this year’s festival have set the goal of making a charitable donation to the Santo Anibal Maria Center. This organization, part of the Institute of Education and Social Culture, supports the care of the disadvantaged, protects human rights, and promotes citizenship through social, educational, and cultural activities.

The event attracted over 1,000 visitors, primarily from Brazil and other South American countries.

The festival aims to showcase the cultural diversity of countries in the region, as well as highlight the unique cultural values of Vietnam to a global audience. Delegates and visitors were provided with brief information about Vietnam to create a positive impression, especially for those unfamiliar with the country.

Visitors to the Vietnamese pavilion had the opportunity to choose from a variety of unique handicraft products made by skilled Vietnamese artisans, such as lacquered coconut bowls, pearl inlaid coconut bowls, brocade bags, silk scarves, and ties.

The festival also offered international diners the chance to enjoy traditional Vietnamese dishes, including fried spring rolls, lemon tea, and Vietnamese-style coffee.