The book, titled “Vietnam-Thailand Diplomatic Relations: A Historical Journey”, is authored by Dr. Truong Thi Hang, a lecturer at Lampang Rajabhat University, and Dr. Nakorn Serirak, a lecturer at the Political Academy under Khon Kaen University.

It is organized into three main parts: “Vietnam-Thailand relations before 1976”, “45 years of Vietnam-Thailand relationship (1976-2021): a historical journey”, and “Diplomatic dialogue – a common trend in Vietnam-Thailand relations”.

The authors have chosen August 6, 1976, as a significant milestone for their research, as it marks the signing ceremony of the Joint Communiqué and the establishment of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Thailand.

The book cover featuring Vietnam-Thailand diplomatic ties. (Photo: NDO)

Dr. Truong Thi Hang emphasizes that the book aims to provide a deeper understanding of the relationship between Vietnam and Thailand for people from both countries, and to contribute to further development in the future.

The book also serves as a message to the younger generations of Vietnam and Thailand, with the hope that they will appreciate the efforts made by the governments and people of both nations in building and nurturing the friendship over the past 45 years.