Many activities and programmes to promote reading and towards the development of reading culture will be organisedwithin the framework of Book Festival 2021.

In particular, the highlight of the event will be an exhibition with the theme "Books – Mission to develop reading culture",including four contents: Books – Path to knowledge; Books – Gifts nourishing the soul; Reading skills and methods; and Enjoying reading passion, with about 800 books on display and introduction.

In addition, a seminar titled "Youth with reading culture" will be organised with the participation of many experts and representatives of publishing units.

As in previous book festivals, this year’s festival will also provide the children with a drawing corner through a drawing contest by book, and a reading corner for children. Young readers can also explore reading through technology with the activity “Explore Digital Library – Let’s Read” includes over 2,000 titles in more than 20 languages.

In addition, within the framework of the book festival, there are indispensable bookstores introducing thousands of book titles with rich content, many attractive promotions and gifts.