One of the notable items at the auction is “Vue du Delta du Fleuve Rouge” by renowned Vietnamese painter Hoang Tich Chu (1912 – 2003), which is estimated to be worth between EUR15,000 and EUR20,000.

This lacquer painting originates from the personal collection of a European diplomat who resided in Vietnam during the 1980s and directly purchased it from the artist himself, Hoang Tich Chu, in November 1986.

Hoang Tich Chu, a highly esteemed lacquer artist in the nation, skillfully employed a vibrant color palette, particularly featuring blue and green tones, to deviate from the conventional red hues, all accentuated by gold and eggshells.

Another notable artwork up for auction is “Retour au Village” by the esteemed artist Nguyen Phan Chanh (1892 – 1984). Created in 1955, this piece accurately portrays the homecoming of soldiers to their village after the liberation of North Vietnam in 1954.

The painting was gifted to Hungarian photographer Miklos Rev (1906 – 1998) by Nguyen Phan Chanh himself, during Rev’s visit to Vietnam in 1959. Its estimated value lies between EUR30,000 and EUR50,000.

Additionally, there are various other Vietnamese artworks available for purchase ranging in price from EUR3,000 to EUR9,000, including works by Huynh Phuong Dong, Diep Minh Chau, and Do Xuan Doan.