The event is being held as part of the National Tourism Year “Binh Thuan – Green Convergence” festivities. Over 150 images and artifacts are on display at the exhibition, with the main goal of showcasing Sa Huynh archaeological culture and the cultural characteristics of the Cham, K’ho, and Raglei ethnic groups in Binh Thuan. Additionally, the exhibition highlights the landscapes, festivals, and traditional crafts of the Kinh people.

The exhibition also features a booth that introduces typical products of Binh Thuan, demonstrates brocade weaving and traditional pottery-making techniques, and showcases folk music.

Through this event, visitors have the opportunity to gain deeper insights into the unique cultural features, traditional customs, beliefs, and religions of ethnic communities throughout the country.

Furthermore, on the same day, the Wonderland Water Park in Tien Thanh commune officially opened. This seven-hectare park has been in operation since August 5, offering a variety of new and exciting attractions that have been attracting thousands of visitors daily.