On January 28, the General Association of Vietnamese in Belgium (GAVB) organized a program to teach Overseas Vietnamese (OVs) and Belgian friends how to make “Banh chung,” a traditional cake enjoyed during the Lunar New Year Festival (Tet). This event aimed to pass on the tradition of making “Banh chung” to younger generations and strengthen family bonds among Vietnamese-Belgian families.

Dennis Laureys and Christophe Standaert, both of whom have Vietnamese girlfriends, had the opportunity to experience the preparation for Tet for the first time. Intrigued by the cultural and spiritual significance of Tet, they eagerly learned how to make “Banh chung.” Through this, they discovered that “Banh chung” is not just a dish but also a symbol of unity and gratitude.

Laureys expressed the significance of this occasion to him. Despite having visited Vietnam multiple times, this was his first experience of the Tet atmosphere and witnessing how Vietnamese people prepare for the festival. Participating in this activity deepened his understanding of the Vietnamese community and allowed him to see the sense of unity and diversity that is uniquely present during Tet.

This program also marked the launch of the women’s committee of the GAVB. Vietnamese Ambassador to Belgium Nguyen Van Thao commended the committee for its initiative to help young people connect with their roots and appreciate the unique culture of Vietnam. He emphasized the importance of preserving and promoting traditional cultural values.

The ambassador pledged his support for the GAVB’s activities, stating that the embassy always serves as a home for the Vietnamese community in Belgium. GAVB President Huynh Cong My announced that the association would continue organizing various activities to foster solidarity within the Vietnamese community in the European country.