Belgian comic artist Dany, whose real name is Daniel Henrotin, will introduce festivalgoers to his 25 comic drawings at an exhibition held at the Hue City Centre of Culture, Information and Sports, 23-25 Le Loi Street, from June 26 to July 3.

Born in 1943, Dany started his first comic book series titled ‘Olivier Rameau’ in 1968. He has received many prestigious prizes, including the Saint-Michel Prix, the second-oldest comic award in Europe, in 2007, and the Grand Prix Diagonale, a prestigious Belgian award, in 2011.

Meanwhile, musician-singer Konoba will entertain Vietnamese audiences with two concerts at Quoc Hoc Square on June 27 and at February 3 Park on June 28.
Konoba, alias Raphaël Esterhazy, is a celebrated Belgian author, composer, multi-instrumentalist, performer and producer.

The participation of the artists is expected to the contribute to the cultural diversity of Hue Festival.