Battlegrounds Mobile India BIG UPDATES: Available for Apple iOS, New Weapons Introduced

Krafton has confirmed that it will release Battlegrounds Mobile India for iPhone users. The update will also bring various new additions and features to the game.


Battlegrounds Mobile India BIG UPDATES: Available for Apple iOS, New Weapons Introduced
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Available for Apple iOS, but the official launch date remains unknown

Battlegrounds Mobile India which saw an unprecedented rise in India was unveiled in India on July 2 only for Android users. Now, Krafton has given a major update for iOS users. Although there has been no official announcement regarding the release date of BGMI for iOS devices, according to Zee News.

After its launch, Battlegrounds Mobile India saw its downloads over 1 crore times on Google Play Store. The much-awaited title had already raked in over 20 million pre-registrations in a few weeks after the PUBG’s Indian avatar debuted on Google Play Store in May. However, there are some who are still unable to join the party. Battlegrounds Mobile India is yet to be launched on Apple’s iOS, keeping iPhone users in India out of the game.

Fans are left guessing when will the popular smartphone shooter be made available on iOS. “New updates will be released on our official website and social networks, so please stay tuned for further news,” the game developer said.

Battlegrounds Mobile India BIG UPDATES: Available for Apple iOS, New Weapons Introduced
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New weapons introduced

Battlegrounds Mobile India will soon get a new July 2021 update which is set to bring new features and improvements to the India-only variant of PUBG Mobile. Ahead of the new update, developer Krafton has shared some of the new changes that players can expect with the game.

The M249 LMG (Light Machine Gun) will no longer be part of supply drops, instead of being freely available on the ground like other weapons. The new LMG called MG3 will instead be found in supply drops. The MG3 will have just one scope attachment but will offer two rate-of-fire modes and players can choose between 660rpm (rounds per minute) and 990rpm with 7.62mm ammo.

The healing consumables will be throwable items added to the trajectory slot. Just select and throw like you would a grenade. There will also be a new gun called the ASM Abakan that uses 5.56 ammo. Lastly, healing items can now be thrown like grenades and players will be able to share healing items with teammates across multiple cover locations as long as they’re in throwable range.

The game will also see the addition of a new two-person vehicle called the G-38 Gravity Free motorcycle, which will be available only in the Mission Ignition mode. The vehicle will hover over the ground and hence, will be usable over both land and water.

Battlegrounds Mobile India BIG UPDATES: Available for Apple iOS, New Weapons Introduced
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Mission Ignition mode

The new update will bring a limited-time Ignition Mode. This new gameplay mode set in the Erangel map will include six new high-tech locations that will replace popular regions of the map. The mode will also showcase the names of smaller cities like Pochinki and Rozhok will also be displayed as 3D names while parachuting onto the map.

Battlegrounds Mobile India will also be adding two new tiers between Ace and Conqueror. These are the Ace Master and Ace Dominator Tiers. The game will also be changing logos for all tiers. A new challenge point system will be in place and will make sure players lose ranking points for reckless gameplay. Further, seasonal rewards are set to be better after the new update. The Royal Pass cycle will also be changed from every two months to every month, said Indian Express.

Battlegrounds Mobile India 1.5 update release date and time

Krafton announced that the Battlegrounds Mobile 1.5 update will be out on July 13, i.e., today. “We’d like to inform you of the schedule for the distribution of July’s update version on July 13th. Update version distribution starts from July 13th (Tue) at 19:30 (IST). This is an estimated time; distribution may end early or be delayed depending on circumstances,” Krafton said on its website. So, you can expect the 1.5 updates to arrive later in the evening, but there may be a delay.

Battlegrounds Mobile India 1.5 update download process

People who have the game installed on their Android phone do not need to do much. They just have to go to the Google Play Store around the time when the 1.5 update is scheduled to arrive. In case their account receives this update at the first push, the game will show the “Update” button. Tapping on it will download the new version and install it automatically on your device. The file size is not available yet.

Those who have not downloaded the game yet can simply go to the Google Play Store and search for “Battlegrounds Mobile India”. When you see the listing, just tap on it, and hit the “Install” button. The latest 1.5 update will be automatically available to you on downloading after 7.30 pm today, which is the rollout time.