Bamboo design instills Da Nang home with eco-friendly charm

Natural ventilation and organic frame sees coastal Da Nang City home blend with its natural surroundings.


Natural ventilation and organic frame sees coastal Da Nang City home blend with its natural surroundings.  

On a deserted land plot next to Hoi Khe Lake in Da Nang City, the 400-meter-square construction was built based on fours rules of no: No amuminum and glass windows, no air conditioning, no baked bricks and no tiles.

On a plot of land next to Hoi Khe Lake, the 400-square-meter abode was built based on four no’s: no aluminum or glass windows, no air conditioning, no baked bricks, and no tiles. The house is occupied by a family of three generations, fond of entertaining friends and celebrating special occasions.

The bamboo outer layer provides natural light and airflow, penetrating the house via shutters and doorways. Meanwhile, the walls are made of rough cement, bamboo and natural stone, creating a sense of nature.

A bamboo outer layer on the second floor allows wind to cool the house. Downstairs, the walls are made of stone, creating a sense of nature.

Holes in the stone wall let natural light enter the house and create light effect. This is also the design philosophy: harmonizing aesthetics and environmental responsibility, as well as erasing the border between homeowners and nature, making the house become a space help them get rid of the rat race in the city.

Holes in the stone wall allow light to enter the kitchen, in unison with aesthetics and eco-friendly living.

Bedroom with a lake view. The house has been in use by a family of three generations, as well as serving as a place to welcome their friends and celebrate special occasions.

Washroom has a lake view. 

Bamboo shutters allow natural light to enter the living room. 

Glass bricks add a delicate touch to a robust structure. 

The surrounds are perennial orchards, clean vegetable gardens, woodlands and sand dunes, becoming a play ground for children. The approach is sheltered by tropical plants such as banana, becoming  a scene of peaceful life with nature.

The house is surrounded by a natural playground of perennial orchards, vegetable gardens, woodlands, and sand dunes. The bamboo shell includes a waterproof middle layer.

A closer look at the outer layer. It is surrounded by thick bamboo staves, which are locally available and extremely close in life. The building shell consists of two layers of bamboo, inside and outside, with a middle waterproof layer. The air circulating between the layers creates a cooled interior environment.

The thick bamboo staves at the back of the property are locally sourced. 

The ground floor includes a wine cellar, a steam room, and a kitchen with an open dinner table connecting to the lake and the pool. Meanwhile, the second floor has an extended balcony made of tempered glass, creating a unique feeling when viewed from the top, like floating in the middle of the lake.

The ground floor boasts a wine cellar, kitchen, and steam room, the dinner table overlooking both lake and pool. The second floor includes two bedrooms and an extended balcony made of tempered glass, creating the illusion of floating out across the water.

Cross section of the house.

Cross section of the house.

Photos by HUNI Architects


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