The ceremony to receive the Certificate of Special National Monument of “Thang Long Tu Tran” – Bach Ma Temple was organized by Hoan Kiem District’s authority in Hanoi last weekend.

The handover ceremony of the Certificate of Special National Monument of “Thang Long Tu Tran” – Bach Ma Temple in the evening of June 18. Photo: VNA

Bach Ma Temple, shielding the capital’s East, is one of the four sacred temples that guards the four cardinal points of the Thang Long Imperial Citadel. Other three temples are the Quan Thanh Temple securing the North; Voi Phuc Temple protecting the West, and Kim Lien Temple watching over the South.

Speaking at the ceremony, Chairman of the Hoan Kiem District People’s Committee Pham Tuan Long highlighted that Bach Ma Temple has a long history of over a thousand years that is associated with King Ly Cong Uan who relocated the capital of Vietnam from Hoa Lu in Ninh Binh Province to Dai La Citadel, modern-day Hanoi, in 1010.

The Bach Ma Temple, which literally means the White Horse temple was built under the reign of King Ly Thai To (974-1028) during the 1010s.

 A traditional procession was held on June 18 to celebrate the day of receiving Certificate of Special National Monument of “Thang Long Tu Tran” – Bach Ma Temple. Photo: VNA

It features a wooden frame and large columns in the main building with a three-door gate, a place for burning incense, a forbidden chamber, and sophisticated effigies. It still keeps lots of old valuable relics such as stone steles, palanquins, cranes, and pairs of earthen statues for worshiping. 

According to local historians, Bach Ma Temple is dedicated one of the most important genies of the land, who blessed the existence and development of Thang Long Imperial Citadel through 52 reigns of kings under the Ly, Tran, and Le dynasties.

Experiencing many changes of history and war, the Bach Ma temple, which is located in the central district of Hoan Kiem in Hanoi, has always been preserved, repaired and worshiped by the local community.

Together with other ritual and historical relics, the Thang Long Tu Tran or four sacred temples were recognized special national monuments in early 2022.

The procession was made around Hoan Kiem Lake. Photo: VNA
It drew the attention of visitors to the Hoan Kiem Lake last Sunday morning. Photo: VNA