Bac Giang Showcases Traditional Japanese Dolls

    The exhibition opened on August 10th, showcasing 70 Japanese dolls divided into two distinct spaces.

    In one space, visitors can explore a collection of exquisite dolls depicting various characters in different settings, from everyday life to the theater.

    Meanwhile, another space features a unique display of wooden dolls known as Kokeshi, provided by the Tsugaru Kokeshi Museum. Originating from the Tohoku region in 19th century Japan, Kokeshi dolls are commonly sold as souvenirs for children at the region’s hot spring towns.

    Each town has its own distinct style of Kokeshi, characterized by unique patterns and techniques.

    The exhibition includes 12 different types of Kokeshi dolls in various sizes, along with modern Kokeshi works inspired by Vietnamese culture. Five of these works specifically incorporate elements of Vietnamese culture.

    Visitors will also have the opportunity to try on traditional Yukata clothes, learn the art of paper folding Origami, participate in woodblock printing, and even take home cute little paper dolls.

    The exhibition, jointly organized by the Bac Giang Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Japan Foundation Center for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam, will be open until August 30th.

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