The International Celebrity & Business Force prize was presented to the actress in recognition of her remarkable accomplishments in the film and business industries.

Glamour reports that Ngoc Anh is a renowned Vietnamese actress with a portfolio of over 30 films and numerous prestigious awards under her belt.

The article goes on to highlight Anh’s prowess in production and business, further solidifying her talent and influence in these fields.

Ngoc Anh, 47, hails from Hanoi and is revered as an actress, fashion model, film producer, and entrepreneur. In 2006, she received the Mai Vang (Golden Apricot) award, equivalent to an Oscar, for her outstanding performance in “Ao Lua Ha Dong” (The White Silk Dress).

She achieved the title of Most Photogenic at the International Model Search of Asia in 1995 and emerged victorious in the Miss International Model pageant held in Cairo, Egypt, in 1998.

Notably, Anh has been invited to judge several esteemed international events, including the Asian World Film Festival (AWFF) in the United States, the 58th Asia-Pacific Film Festival in China, and the Panam Anim animated film festival in France.