Sotheby’s Paris will present a private collection of rare and exceptional works by highly sought-after artists, as well as objects from a golden age of Vietnamese art.

The pieces originate from the personal collection of Prince Nguyễn Phúc Bửu Lộc (1914-1990), a prominent Vietnamese patron of the arts. Prince Bửu Lộc, an avid collector and scholar, formed close relationships with the artists he admired and lived surrounded by his beloved art.

Together, the artworks in this collection embody a deep passion for Vietnam and its traditions, evoke a nostalgic longing for harmony, and represent the enduring friendships Prince Bửu Lộc cultivated with these artists throughout his life.

The forthcoming auction, titled “Magnificence and Regality,” will feature works created between approximately 1935 and 1970 in a variety of mediums, including intricately painted silk masterpieces, exquisite lacquer screens, and exceptional examples of Vietnamese modern art.

The fine art selection includes pieces by three pioneering artists: Le Pho, Vu Cao Dam, and Nguyen Tuong Lan. Their groundbreaking work helped redefine Vietnamese art and elevated traditional crafts to modern forms of expression.

Prior to the auction, there will be a public exhibition at Sotheby’s Paris galleries from November 3rd to November 6th.

Notable highlights include Le Pho’s “Canard et Lotus” (Mandarin ducks and lotus), with an estimated price range of US$370,000 to US$530,000, and “L’heure du thé en famille” (Family teatime) with an initial price range of US$127,000 to US$190,000.

Other featured works include Vu Cao Dam’s “Liliums” and “La Bataille de Coqs” (Cockfight) with price ranges of US$160,000 to US$265,000, as well as Nguyen Tuong Lan’s “Femme assise” (Repose) with an estimated price range of US$160,000 to US$265,000.