Have you been working for the same company for more than two years and still haven’t asked for a promotion? The simple truth is that two years is enough time for anyone to get better at their job. You’ve probably started taking on new responsibilities and got better at your skills. This means that you’re now contributing to the company’s success much more than when you just started out. But why hasn’t your compensation then changed? Maybe you even know very well that you deserve a higher position (and a higher salary), but you’re just not sure how to carry out the promotion conversation? This article is here to give you some pointers. We’ll help you to get you into a positive mindset, conduct proper research, and pick the best timing for your promotion pitch. Sounds good? Let’s dive in.

The Best Time to Ask for a Promotion  

The general rule of a thumb is that you should wait at least six months before looking for a promotion at a new job. Even if you fit in at the new job brilliantly. However, you can even do it sooner. If you make it a goal for yourself to be the company’s top performer right from the get-go, then you can ask for more salary even in the first months. You see, it’s not about the time you work at a company. It’s about the amount of work you put in. If you’re able to demonstrate that you bring massive value to the company every day, then your boss should have no problem in giving you a raise or a higher position in the company.

The simple truth is that the best timing for the promotion is whenever you feel you’re valuable enough for the company to get a raise. Take the time to figure out how long would it take you to become a top performer in your organization. If you work hard enough, it can take as little as a month.

Preparation: the Key to Building a Strong Case for Your Promotion

If you’ve been willing to put in the time and effort to become a top performer at your work, it’s time to start preparing yourself for the promotion discussion.

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Take these steps to maximize your chances for success:

  • Make a list of every possible objection your boss might have to give you a raise. Then write up possible answers to these objections and practice saying them out loud.
  • Write up a document with data and graphs that demonstrate the huge amount of value you’ve added.
  • Collect written praise from your colleagues about the amazing work you’ve been doing for the past months.
  • Collect positive testimonials from clients.
  • Write down all the training sessions and seminars you’ve attended or given.

And once you’ve done that all, it’s time to let your manager know about your plans on asking for a promotion.

Final preparations for the Meeting

So if you haven’t yet done it, you should start documenting your responsibilities and additional tasks you’ve completed. This allows you to make a pretty convincing case for your promotion. If your reports show you regularly over-delivering, it’s clear that you’re ready for a more senior position.

But another important thing is to figure out exactly how much you’re gonna ask for your salary. To conduct a successful salary negotiation, you should pick a number you refuse to go lower from. And then ask for more.

What to Do at the Meeting

If your boss is well aware that the purpose of the meeting is to discuss your possible promotion, then there’s no need to start by talking about something else. Get straight to the point. And the point is simple: you want a better position and a higher salary. And then you can present your documentation.

But what if you get denied the promotion? The most important thing is to understand the reason behind this.

Is it because the boss thinks you’re not ready? Try to find out how to benefit the company even more.

There’s no room for another executive position? Wait a few more months.

Whichever the case, make sure to schedule a follow-up meeting with your boss in a few months to talk about any unresolved issues.

And if you do get the promotion? Congratulations! Take a moment to celebrate your success and get yourself ready for new exciting tasks and responsibilities.


Look, you might get lucky and receive an announced promotion at some point. But why count on your luck only? Instead, you can take full control of your career. Start building a proper case for your promotion from the first workday and go above and beyond your regular duties. Then let your boss know about your ambitions and present your case in a friendly and positive manner. Do that, and you’ll be sitting on an executive’s chair in no time.

Do you have a great tip that has gotten you great results in asking for a promotion? Write it down in the comments section and let’s learn from each other’s successes.

Thomas Glare (Author)

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