HAUFO President Nguyen Ngoc Ky emphasized the importance of regional cooperation, friendship, and connectivity within the ASEAN framework in Vietnam’s foreign policy of diversification and multilateralization of relations. He stated that the Vietnamese Government and people are committed to contributing to a more cohesive and stronger ASEAN by promoting bilateral and multilateral cooperation and friendship among member countries.

Denny Abdi, Ambassador of Indonesia – ASEAN Chair 2023, highlighted the harmonious environment in which ASEAN citizens live and the 50% increase in foreign investment in the group over the past decade, indicating the stability of the member countries’ political environment. He stressed the key role of raising public awareness of ASEAN cultural identities and promoting intra-block solidarity in the context of cultural diversity in building the ASEAN Community.

The program featured songs and dances that showcased the beauty of the ASEAN countries’ land, people, and culture, contributing to the strengthening of solidarity and friendship between Vietnam and other member states, as well as between Hanoi and foreign cities.