Participants agreed that, over the past 12 years since its establishment, the club has organized dozens of art programs, as well as events to introduce the traditional costumes, musical instruments, and culinary culture of Vietnam, thus preserving and promoting the national traditions and culture.

The club has also actively engaged in charitable and community-oriented activities, they declared.

Addressing the event, Minister-Counsellor of the Embassy of Vietnam in Germany, Chu Tuan Duc, lauded the 12-year journey of the club and highlighted its contributions to the strengthening of cultural exchange between Vietnam and Germany. He went on to express his appreciation of the club’s efforts in fostering mutual understanding and collaboration between the two nations.

Rolf Schulze, President of the Germany-Vietnam Association, has often taken part in the club’s activities and believes it has enabled him and other German people to gain a better understanding of Vietnam’s cultural beauty and historical tradition.

He also highlighted the effective coordination between the club and the Germany-Vietnam Association in reinforcing the friendship between the two nations.

At the congress, attendees voted in Nguyen Duc Thang as the President of the club.