According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the flight was arranged by authorities of those countries and the national flag carrier Vietnam Airlines.

Vietnamese agencies in those countries had coordinated with local authorities to assist the expats to travel to a Paris airport where they boarded the flight home with the help of staff from the Embassy of Vietnam in France.

Passengers include children aged under 18, the elderly, the ill, workers whose visas or labour contracts expired, students with no residences due to dormitory closures and those in extremely difficult circumstances.

After landing at the airport, all passengers and crew members of the flight were given health check-ups and sent to quarantine areas.

To date, over 150 repatriation flights have been arranged by Vietnamese authorities since April 10 to help over 50,000 local people stranded abroad due to Covid-19 return home, the ministry said, adding that more such flights are set to be conducted in the coming time.

This article was originally published in Dtinews