Jay Gray wrote some sentimental remarks in a guestbook at the Dong Loc T-junction historical relic site in Ha Tinh Province, north-central Vietnam. Photo: H.A. / Tuoi Tre

During his recent trip to Vietnam, Jay Gray, a 79-year-old American man, expressed his initial hesitation about visiting the country due to the past war between Vietnam and America. However, upon exploring the historical relic site at the Dong Loc T-junction in Ha Tinh Province, Gray was deeply moved by the Vietnamese people’s forgiveness and kindness towards America. He expressed his gratitude for their ability to overcome the tragedy of the war and their efforts in making Vietnam a modern, clean, safe, and advanced country. Gray also acknowledged the preserved relics and historical structures in Vietnam as powerful reminders of the sorrow, pain, and losses caused by war, emphasizing the importance of cherishing peace and happiness.