Amazing Dragon-Shaped Kumquat Bonsais in Hanoi Leave Passers-by in Awe

Customers are highly satisfied with the awe-inspiring and distinct style of kumquat bonsais shaped like the revered dragon zodiac.


With the Vietnamese Lunar New Year representing the zodiac sign of the Dragon, numerous dragon-shaped ornamental plants have been created to celebrate this special occasion. These stunning kumquat bonsai trees are displayed throughout the streets of Hanoi, creating a warm and festive atmosphere for the Tet holiday. People are filled with joy as they welcome the Year of the Dragon with high hopes and expectations.

The dragon, a mythical creature, holds great significance in Vietnamese culture. According to Eastern beliefs, the dragon symbolizes royal authority, prosperity, luck, and power. During Tet or Lunar New Year, alongside peach blossoms, kumquat trees are essential ornamental plants in Vietnamese households. A kumquat tree adorned with fruit is believed to bring brightness, warmth, and good fortune to the family.

On Lac Long Quan Road in Tay Ho District, Hanoi, these elegant kumquat bonsais shaped like sacred dragons catch the attention of passers-by. Duy Khanh/The Hanoi Times
These giant bonsai trees display such beauty that everyone is left in awe.
Artisan Nguyen Duc Anh, 33, from Hanoi’s Bac Tu Liem District, is responsible for crafting these dragon-shaped ornamental kumquat trees.
According to the Hanoi artisan, it took him three years to shape each dragon kumquat tree.
“Bending a kumquat into the shape of a dragon is difficult, but ‘giving life’ to the tree is even more challenging,” he said.
Each dragon-shaped ornamental tree is priced at around VND100 million (US$4,000).
Standing at over 2m tall and providing more than 3.5m of shade, this unique Dragon Kumquat tree is truly remarkable.
These small decorations add to the charm of the Dragon-shaped kumquat trees.