The patient tested negative two times in a row on March 28 and April 1. As regulated by the Health Ministry, he will be placed under medical monitoring for a further 14 days to prevent any possible transmission of the virus. VNExpress‘ Dac Thanh reports.

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His wife, who had tested negative, finished her 14-day quarantine and left the hospital Sunday. The couple will be placed under medical monitoring for 14 days at a hotel in central Hoi An Town.

Before leaving the hospital, the British man thanked doctors for the way they treating him over the past three weeks.

“All the doctors and medical staff of the hospital not only treated us, but they were very friendly and behaved like friends,” he said.

He and his wife had flown in to Vietnam on March 9, landing in Hanoi on Vietnam Airlines flight VN54 from London. The flight also carried “Patient 46,” a flight attendant. On March 11, they flew to Da Nang and visited some places in Hoi An.

On March 15, he tested Covid-19 positive.

With the latest release, 91 of Vietnam’s 241 Covid-19 cases have been discharged. Many of the 150 active cases are Vietnamese nationals returning from abroad, mostly Europe and the U.S., and more than 60 people are related to two of the nation’s Covid-19 hotspots – the Bach Mai Hospital in Hanoi and the Buddha Bar & Grill in Ho Chi Minh City.

Featured image: The British man waves his hands before leaving the General Hospital in central Quang Nam Province after 21 days of treatment, April 5, 2020. Photo by VnExpress/Dac Thanh.

Reporting by Dac Thanh @ VNExpress


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