The Saigon Innovation Hub (SIHUB) in Ho Chi Minh City has partnered with the Echoing Drum Company to launch the Echoing Drum Show – The Art of Hat Boi. This collaboration is just one of many tourism startup projects supported and nurtured by SIHUB, with the aim of promoting innovation in tourism products and showcasing Vietnamese culture to visitors in a creative manner.
Huynh Kim Tuoc, Executive Director of SIHUB, explained that Cheo and Boi (Tuong) singing are the two oldest performing arts in Vietnamese theatre. Specifically, the Southern region has played a significant role in the development of the Boi singing art form.
In addition to introducing Vietnamese folklore to international audiences, the project also seeks to utilize AI in tourism to enhance visitors’ appreciation and understanding of Boi singing.
While enjoying Boi singing performances that incorporate materials from Southern culture with modern theatrical techniques, visitors can also experience an exhibition showcasing the historical development of Boi singing as well as costumes, performance samples, and publications related to this unique art form.
Boi singing is a highly stylized art form that combines dialogue, dance, song, and music, all of which are imbued with deep symbolism. With a history spanning approximately 800 years, Boi singing has evolved and developed in various ways, encompassing elements such as makeup, costumes, and music.