Google has released its ‘Year in Search’ list for this year. This time, instead of the usual Most Popular Search Trends list, the tech giant divided Vietnam’s search history into nine categories for the report. These categories include AI, sports, ‘how to’ queries, recipes, travel, games, ‘what’ questions, theater movies, and nearby locations. The results highlighted the increasing importance of AI in recent years. The sports and games categories were dominated by football and mobile game content, with football being the most searched sports-related topic by Vietnamese users. The 32nd Southeast Asian Games, the largest sporting event in the region, also made it to the list. In the travel category, half of the top 10 most popular search trends were domestic tourist attractions, particularly emphasizing nature-oriented destinations. For international destinations, Vietnamese tourists preferred culturally similar places such as Taiwan, Thailand, Bali, and Singapore-Malaysia. Vietnamese films also garnered significant attention, with six out of the top 10 domestic films making the list. The ‘How to’ and ‘What’ searches reflected user concerns about topics like Vietnam’s new identification card and personal identification numbers. Users also showed interest in nationwide news-making issues like renewable energy, botulinum, and respiratory failure. In the recipe category, users expressed a desire to learn about traditional Vietnamese dishes like ‘banh chung’ (square glutinous rice cakes) and ‘bo kho’ (Vietnamese beef stew). There was also an increase in interest in healthy recipes like nut milk and vegetarian dishes. Lastly, the nearby location list indicated daily essential needs, with searches for services like cardiologists’ clinics, annona tea stores, and nourishing shampoo salons, reflecting the Vietnamese people’s focus on food, health, and relaxation.