Aday singing is unique folklore performing art form dating from a long time ago. It is a kind of duet singing between Khmer men and women in the Southern region and is often staged at community festivals and family ceremonies.

Accompanied by musical instruments, the performers deliver songs praising love, nature, and the good.

Assorted measures have been taken in Hau Giang province to safeguard and promote the unique art form under a project named ‘Teaching and preserving the art of Aday singing of the Khmer ethnic group in Hau Giang province for the 2016-2020 period’.

Accordingly, many contests and performances were held to introduce the art form to the public, and several training classes were organised to improve the quality of Aday singing clubs throughout the locality.

The recognition of Aday singing as a national intangible cultural heritage will open up more opportunities for Hau Giang province to continue preserving and promoting this unique art form.