A special museum of agricultural tools

Chau Son Hy, the abbot of Sa Lon Pagoda in Seven Mountains region in An Giang Province, was able to collect old agricultural tools used by the local Khmer people. He hit on the idea of preserving local agricultural tools which partly represent the culture of Khmer ethnic people. In 2006, he called for locals to donate their old tools. When his collection reached 100 items, Hy opened a small museum inside the pagoda. The museum now welcomes students and visitors who are interested in learning about the cultural artefacts.

Abbot Chau Son Hy is introducing the 126-year-old vehicle which is a highlight of the museum – PHOTOS: LE HOANG VU
An old rice mill
Unique rice sickles
A wooden harrow
A fish catching tool made in 1960
Another fish catching tool



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