The Thai government said it is promoting opening the R12 cross-border bus route connecting Laos and Vietnam. Specifically, the bus goes from Nakhon Phanom (Thailand) to Thakhek (Laos) and the last point is Ha Tinh (Vietnam).

The Ministry of Transport of this country is trying to speed up the process of opening the route. Thailand requested Laos to hold the second trilateral working group meeting as soon as possible to discuss the service model and come up with formal agreements.

Tuyen xe bus noi Thai Lan - Lao - Viet Nam anh 1

A bus line is in operation, connecting Thailand and Laos. Photo: The Laotian Times.

The distance from the starting point in Thailand to Laos is about 31 km by road. The route connecting Nakhon Phanom with Ha Tinh is 300 km long. That means it takes less than a day for visitors to make the journey through the famous spots.

According to The Laotian Times, these three cities are especially attractive to tourists thanks to their local cultural and artistic attractions, sacred temples as well as natural wonders such as waterfalls, mountains, beaches…

If the plan is successful, visitors will have a new experience, different from the traditional journey from Vietnam to Laos and Thailand by coach or plane.

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