Rice Rolls

The website states that Rice Rolls, also known as Bánh cuốn in Vietnamese, are made fresh to order. Diners have the unique opportunity to watch the chef steam the rice sheets and create the rolls in front of their eyes.

According to Michelin, there are two varieties of Rice Rolls available. The more common version is filled with minced pork and black fungus. The second version features a soft poached egg.

Diners can customize their Rice Rolls by adding pork meatloaf and sausage. They can also season their fish sauce dip with a selection of fresh herbs, chili, lime, or garlic slices.

Hủ tiếu

Hủ tiếu is a beloved local dish (Photo: Michelin)

Hủ tiếu, according to Michelin Guide, is a beloved local dish that showcases the culinary fusion in Vietnam. It is a blend of Chaozhou and Khmer culinary traditions and was introduced to southern Vietnam by Cambodian repatriates in the 1970s.

Bún chả

Bún chả is a huge favourite among foreign tourists (Photo: Michelin)

The Bún chả eatery in the Old Quarter is a popular choice among tourists. The menu offers various combinations of rice noodles with grilled pork, paired with different fried spring rolls. The grilled pork, with its charred goodness, is best enjoyed with the sweet and sour soup and a selection of fragrant herbs, according to Michelin.


Vietnamese sticky rice (Photo: Michelin)

Xôi, also known as Vietnamese sticky rice, is a popular snack enjoyed by locals for breakfast or lunch. The restaurant that serves Xôi is run by a young team and offers a cozy and relaxing dining experience for customers.


Phở is considered one of the typical dishes of Vietnamese cuisine (Photo: Michelin)

“Phở bò” and “Phở gà” are globally celebrated dishes and are essential parts of the daily diet in Vietnam. Michelin recommends adding herbs or a squeeze of lime to enhance the flavor of the piping-hot soup.