Southern cuisine always inspires visitors with its unique flavors and new and unique ways of processing. Here are 4 specialties that are popular when the weather is hot in summer.

Trang Bang rice paper

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Photo: skyhubvn.

Trang Bang rice paper from the sunny and windy Tay Ninh region served with delicious ingredients such as Cu Chi heifer, roasted pork belly, boiled pork belly, boiled pork leg, grilled snakehead fish… is one of the most favorite dishes in the hot, dry summer. The ingredients are rolled with fresh vegetables and seasoned fish sauce made from fresh pineapple and spices.

Braised fried rice

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The highlight of this dish is the stew made according to the Western standard recipe. The broth is thick, viscous, both spicy and salty, with sweet duck served with fragrant crispy burnt rice, bringing a very unique taste of Southern cuisine.

Goby fish hotpot with sour-soup creeper

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Photo: cachlambep.

One of the typical dishes of the South is the goby fish hotpot. A full pot of goby hotpot includes fresh goby fish, wild vegetables, hot peppers, sour-soup creeper… The fish has just been cooked, the meat is soft and sweet, combined with the hotpot with a sweet and sour taste that is often served with vermicelli.

Snakehead fish sour soup


dac san mien Nam anh 4Photo: Tasty Kitchen.

Snakehead fish sour soup is a rustic dish in the southern provinces, easy to cook and easy to eat, especially in the summer. Southerners have a habit of using sugar when cooking, so the standard sour soup will be slightly sweet. This soup uses tamarind to sour and balance out the sweetness.

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