Giving souvenirs with the images of zodiac animals is a habit of many people in Vietnam and some Asian countries. It is believed that displaying a symbol of the zodiac during the year will bring good luck and happiness to the owner.

According to the oriental belief, the zodiac for the next lunar year will be the tiger. Thus, the 24 karat gold-plated tiger figurine is widely introduced in the market for being bought as a meaningful gift on the occasion of the upcoming Vietnamese traditional Lunar New Year.

The weeks leading up to Vietnamese traditional Lunar New Year’s Eve are the busiest time for artisans from Kieu Ky gilding craft village in Hanoi. There are many gold-plated tiger figurines needing to be completed and then given as Tet gifts.  

This beautiful 24K gold-plated tiger sculpture has the meaning of ‘wishing a New Year full of happiness and healthy’ to the gift-receivers. The artwork is made by an artisan from Kieu Ky Village. Located in Gia Lam District, Hanoi, the village is the birthplace of the 300-year-old trade and the only one in the country practicing it because the secret of making gold leaf is taught only to the villagers.
Artisan Nguyen Thien Hung is the owner of Tan Hau gold-plated establishment, Kieu Ky Commune in Gia Lam District. The artist has been making gold-plated animals made of porcelain since 2015.
According to Hung, the golden tiger is the mascot representing power in Vietnamese culture. The 24k gold-plated sculpture of tiger seating on the gold coins depicts the meaning of power, prosperity, and abundance. 

Tiger is a more sophisticated figurine compared to other animals, thus the gold plating process requires meticulous attention from the artisans. Every day Hung makes two to three gold-plated figurines, depending on their sizes. A handcrafted work of gold-plated tiger figurine requires a series of manual steps. The tiger figurines before and after being gilded with 24k gold. 

The stage of the gold-plating process could only be performed by skilled artisans. The details are meticulously hand-finished for the final creation of a 24K gold-plated sculpture. Each of the finished works must undergo various stages such as painting, honing, gilding, and polishing. 
The 24K gold-plated tiger sculpture is a valuable and luxurious souvenir on the occasion of the Lunar New Year of the Tiger.