2023 Outstanding Citizens of the Capital Receive Special Award

Ten Hanoi locals were recently recognized for their exceptional efforts towards advancing the capital city, receiving the prestigious accolade of "Outstanding Citizens of the Capital".


The Chairman of the Hanoi City People’s Committee, Tran Sy Thanh, has recently issued a decision to recognize outstanding citizens of the capital in 2023. Among the recipients of this prestigious award are Nguyen Huu Phuc (also known as Le Duc Van), the Head of the Liaison Committee of the Youth Union for the National Salvation of Hoang Dieu Citadel, and renowned writer Nguyen Ngoc Tien.

Exemplary Hanoians

Hanoi writer and researcher Nguyen Ngoc Tien was awarded the title of “Outstanding Citizen of the Capital 2023”. Photo: Lao Dong Newspaper

Nguyen Ngoc Tien, born in 1958, is a highly acclaimed contemporary writer who is regarded as one of Hanoi’s most prolific authors. Throughout his 30-year career as a journalist at Hanoimoi Newspaper, he has written numerous articles on cultural issues and has earned several journalism awards for his investigative reports. However, his expertise lies in writing about Hanoi.

Nguyen Ngoc Tien is the author of several best-selling books that capture the essence of Hanoi, such as “5678 Steps Around Sword Lake,” “Traveling Along Hanoi,” “Traveling Across Hanoi,” and “Traveling Through Hanoi.” He has also written novels like “Hanoian Soldiers,” “Fragile,” and “Madame Tu Hong.” Notably, his works “Traveling Along Hanoi” and “Traveling Across Hanoi” have received the prestigious Bui Xuan Phai – For the Love of Hanoi Award in 2012 and the 2012 Hanoi Art and Literature Award.

With countless articles, studies, and novels dedicated to the capital, Nguyen Ngoc Tien is recognized as a writer who deeply understands and portrays the soul, dignity, and everyday life of Hanoi. “I choose a writing style without commentary, as Confucius once said, so that my words resonate in people’s minds and allow readers to form their own judgments,” he shared with the local press. “Having been born and raised in Hanoi, I naturally depict its culture and way of life without flattery or pretense,” he added.

The popular Hanoi-themed books by well-known Hanoi writer Nguyen Ngoc Tien. Photo: Youth Publishing House

Another outstanding citizen of Hanoi is Nguyen Huu Phuc, also known as Le Duc Van. He is 97 years old and formerly served as the Head of the Liaison Committee of the National Salvation Youth Union of Hoang Dieu Citadel (1943-1945) and the editor of the newspaper “Soul of the Country,” which represented the voice of the youth of Hoang Dieu Citadel, the former name of Hanoi.

Le Duc Van joined the Ngo Quyen Squad, a revolutionary student organization, while studying at Buoi School. In early 1944, he became a member of the Youth Union for National Salvation and joined the Communist Party at the young age of 16.

Under the instructions of the Central Committee’s Standing Committee of the Party in late February 1943, each major city was mandated to establish a ‘Youth Movement Committee’ and publish a youth newspaper to mobilize young people for the revolution. The first issue of “Soul of the Country,” with Van as the editor-in-chief, was printed and published in 1944.

The initial edition of the Hanoi Youth Newspaper, comprising only four pages, was clandestinely produced at House No. 15 on Hang Phen Street. It aimed to propagate the revolutionary policies and guidelines of the Viet Minh troops, as well as the activities of the National Salvation Youth Union of Hoang Dieu Citadel.

The publication continued until the 6th issue in 1945, which was printed but not published due to the outbreak of the August Revolution. This historical moment marked a new chapter in the Vietnamese revolution, and the National Salvation Youth Union of Hoang Dieu Citadel successfully fulfilled its significant mission.

Nguyen Huu Phuc, alias Le Duc Van, Head of the Liaison Committee of the National Salvation Youth Union of Hoang Dieu Citadel (1943-1945), editor of the newspaper “Soul of the Country”. Photo: VNA

Fostering goodness

In addition to the aforementioned outstanding Hanoians, eight other individuals will also receive the title of “Outstanding Capital Citizen 2023:”

– Le Dinh Duat, a member of the Veterans Association of Thanh Xuan Trung Ward, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi.

– Nguyen Phi Duc, the Chairman of the Board of Duong Lieu Agricultural, Commercial, and General Service Cooperative, Hoai Duc District, Hanoi.

– Instructor Nguyen Hoang Ngan, from the Karate Department of the Hanoi Sports Training and Competition Center, Hanoi Department of Culture and Sports.

– Bui Van Phuc, an exceptional teacher and Vice Principal of Hanoi – Amsterdam High School, Hanoi Department of Education and Training.

– Lieutenant General Hero of the People’s Armed Forces Khuat Duy Tien, a member of the Veterans Association of Dien Bien Ward, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi.

The “Good People, Good Deeds” movement has been an integral part of Hanoi’s cultural lifestyle and unique identity with its thousand years of civilization. To date, nearly 30,000 people in the city have received the title of “Good Persons, Good Deeds,” and 129 individuals with outstanding contributions in various fields have been honored as “Outstanding Capital Citizens.”

The annual list of “Outstanding Capital Citizens” includes individuals from diverse professions, such as farmers, factory workers, educators, businessmen, photographers, athletes, military and public security officers, among others.