The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has issued Plan No. 491/QD-BVHTTDL on the organisation of the 2022 National Tuong (classical drama) and Folk Opera Festival.

According to the decision, the Ministry has assigned the Department of Performing Arts to assume the prime responsibility, and to coordinate with the Vietnam Stage Artists Association, the Department of Culture and Sports of Nghe An Province and relevant agencies and units, in the organisation of the 2022 National Tuong and Folk Opera Festival.

"2022 National Tuong and Folk Opera Festival" is an opportunity to summarise and evaluate the quality of art and performance in recent years and build development orientations for professional Tuong and Folk Opera theatre units in the coming years.

It is also an opportunity for art units and artists to exchange, learn, exchange experiences, discover new discoveries in artistic creative work; thereby drawing lessons from experience in art management and direction, in order to create quality works to serve the people in the new period.

The 2019 National Classical Drama and Folk Opera Festival took place in Thanh Hoa with the presentation of 2 Gold Medals and 4 Silver Medals to the plays, and 27 Gold Medals and 49 Silver Medals to the actors.