At the festival, Hai performed Sonatina No 2, Op 36 by the Italian composer, Muzio Clementi. After that, the 11-year-old boy continued with a four-hand piano performance with Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, an outstanding work in the career of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

The jury gave the Vietnamese contestant’s performance a favourable evaluation for its skilful combination of emotion and technique. Hai won two gold trophies by scoring highly and outpacing competitors from other Asian nations.

“I just tried my best and did not put too much pressure on winning or losing. When my name was called as a winner, I burst out with happiness. This is a meaningful reward for me to follow the career path of being a piano artist in the future,” Hai said.

Hai, who was born in 2012, currently studies at an international school in HCM City. Hai is the son of director and photographer Nguyen Ly Dong Hai. He created MV ‘Đôi mắt’ (Eyes) by the late singer Wanbi Tuan Anh. In the field of photography, he made an impression with the work Phieu Linh Loc (The Spirit of Loc), capturing the beautiful moments on stage of Meritorious artist Thanh Loc.

With a father working in the music industry, from a young age, Hai expressed his passion for musical instruments such as piano, guitar, and drums.

Before participating in the Asia Pacific Arts Festival, Hai had completed some achievements in music, including a gold medal at the 9th Asian Art Festival held in Singapore in 2022.

He also performed with conductor Fan Ting from Hong Kong at the HCM City Opera House in the Talent Youth programme.

Asia Pacific Arts Festival (APAF), which has been successfully held since 2013 with participants from Asia countries, aims to promote harmony, peace, and global friendship through diversified cultural exchange, workshops, and performing arts competitions.

The mission of this festival is to encourage participants to nurture and cultivate unity and peace through the understanding of the diversity of cultures, races, languages, faiths, traditions, and customs.

This year, the festival took place from June 22 to 25, 2023 in Bangkok, Thailand, with various contests, including those in musical instruments, singing, dancing, and hip-hop in the form of solo, duet, ensemble orchestra, choir, and group performances.