Wildflowers – Chu Dang Ya Volcano Week opens in Gia Lai

    It is an outstanding event honouring the unique natural and cultural heritage of the northern Central Highlands.

    It is also a tourist destination recognised by UK travel magazines and the Vietnam Records Organization as one of the top 10 most attractive tourist destinations of Gia Lai province.

    Coming to the Wildflowers – Chu Dang Ya Volcano Week, in addition to being in harmony with the immense yellow colours of flowers, the typical symbol of the dry season in the Central Highlands, visitors can also experience cultural activities such as arts programmes, sports, and cuisine workshops characterized by the unique cultures of the ethnic minority groups in the Central Highlands.

    For tourists who love to explore, the event is also an opportunity to research and further understand the cultural space of gongs, various types of knitting, carving and weaving of the community of ethnic groups in the Central Highlands.

    Within the framework of the event, 20 typical agricultural stalls will be present from the Central Highlands region featuring products such as coffee, pepper, wild banana, wine, honey, and dried bamboo shoots. Two specialty crops in particular from the volcanic land of Chu Dang Ya ,edible canna and sweet potato, are also being displayed and introduced to tourists at the event.

    Wildflowers Chu Dang Ya Volcano Week runs until November 26.

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