This is the first tourism promotion event held on a provincial scale and expanded nationwide with the trend of connecting and exchanging. The event is the crystallisation and convergence combining the quintessence of the nation, acting as the core cultural heritage development that must be preserved and promoted.

The programme will also be the starting point for the Festival “The Essence of the Northwest” held in 2022, with a response across the whole province of Lao Cai and has been wide spread reaching the whole Northwestern region, contributing to creating strengths, fueling the development of Lao Cai tourism, highlighting the beauty of its identity and cultural quintessence of the Northwestern region.

In this event, eight fashion designers gathered to bring the quintessence of brocade culture into fashion. Eight fashion collections inspired by costumes of the H’Mong, Dao, Tay, Thai, Ha Nhi, Xa Pho, Nung and Giay, create a cultural picture of Northwestern heritage. This event will create a connection and spread cultural products, tourism and the beauty of people’s lives throughout the highlands in typical brocade fashion products originating from the Northwest region of Vietnam.

Through the programme, Lao Cai province will affirm its strength of multiculturalism – rich in identity, contributing to honoring, preserving and developing the culture of the province’s ethnic groups to attract investment and development, especially in the field of tourism, creating unique economic – cultural tourism products, aiming to advocate the common tourist products of the eight Northwestern provinces.

Also through this programme, Lao Cai will develop ethnic tourist and cultural zones specialising in brocade, in order to bring Lao Cai’s rich fabrics to a wider presence in the international market, creating more jobs and a sustainable source of income for indigenous peoples. This is also the most sustainable method of preserving traditional ethnic culture throughout the Northwestern region.