This is one of the traditional rituals to celebrate the annual Hung Kings Temple Festival, which has been maintained for thousands of years by the local people.

The palanquins were carried from seven different localities – namely Chu Hoa, Hung Lo, Kim Duc, Van Phu, and Hy Cuong in Viet Tri city, and Tien Kien and Hung Son in Lam Thao district – to the Hung King Temple.

According to the schedule, seven groups simultaneously process the palanquin from communal houses and temples to Hung Temple. After that, the groups will go to the Gieng (Well) Temple.

The procession was led by the lion dance team, followed be groups carrying national and festive flags and other playing ritual drums, gongs, groups of the elderly and a large number of local people. Offerings include incense, flower, Vietnam’s Chung (square) and Day (round) cakes and other local products.

The procession of the palanquin to Hung Temple is a community activity together with the practice of Hung King worship rituals in Phu Tho; expressing gratitude to the pair who laid the foundation for the country, and at the same time expressing a spirit of solidarity and a national sense of community.