The Hanoi Department of Industry and Trade on October 20 gave a total of 90 awards to the best designs of craft products under the Hanoi Craft Design Contest 2022.

Craft products are on display at the Hanoi Craft Design Contest 2022. Source: Hanoi Portal

Of the total 90 awards, six designs won the first prize, 18 were awarded the second prize, 24 given the third prize, and 42 won the consolation prize.

With the theme “Collection of quintessence from the craft villages of the capital city”, the designs are created by the hands of skillful artisans. New materials were introduced into a balance mixture to make the uniqueness and elegance of each output.

In addition to traditional process, the use of sciences and technologies in craft making brings both modernity and artistry into the designs.

The contest aims to encourage individuals and organizations in the city to creatively bring their designs into life in order to diversify the list of craft products for the city. In addition, the contest is expected to promote the image, culture and people of Hanoi and the traditions of Vietnamese craft villages to the international community.

Craft producers are also encouraged to approach and adopt clean production methods to produce environmentally-friendly handicrafts, reduce environmental pollution, and meet the standards of sustainable development.

“We always want to be more creative in product design to diversify the craft making industry,” Nguyen Tan Phat, a lacquer artisan from Duong Lam Commune of Son Tay Town, said.

“This is a way to promote local cultural characteristics and craft products to domestic and international customers,” he said.

Phat came to the contest with his “The five tigers” sculpture which matches modern interior design. He won the second prize at the contest. Seventy percent of Phat’s products are exported.

The contest was launched in April 2022. It is a part of the Hanoi Gifts Show 2022 that runs from October 20 to October 23, 2022.

The contest receives a total of 376 craft designs from 180 individuals and organizations in six craft categories.

Scoring criteria are related to creativity, feasibility for commercialization, environmentally-friendliness, and appropriation to cultural traditions.

Award-winning designs are now on display at the Hanoi Gift Show 2022 in the National Planning, Construction and Architecture Exhibition Center, Hanoi.