The scale and programme will depend on the COVID-19 epidemic situation.

If the epidemic is controlled, many special cultural and artistic exchange programmes and collective activities such as folk games, education, and experience tours will be held at Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism.

With the theme “Family Cultural Tradition in Ethnic Communities”, the programme “Folk Games-My Childhood” will include folk games, educational activities on ecological environment, and national culture.

Visitors can participate in the programme “One day as an artisan” to learn about traditional culture through traditional costumes of ethnic groups, from yarn selection, dyeing and weaving to the completion of costumes; or experience the life of a farmer through activities such as gardening, picking vegetables, weeding, tending plants and learning about the typical plants of the region.

The exchange programme to celebrate the “Vietnamese Family Day” of ethnic minority groups in the Central Highlands at the “Common House” is expected to be held on June 26, with the theme for 2021 being “Peaceful Family – Happy society”. This is the highlight activity in the series of events in June at the Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism.

On this occasion, the traditional wedding ceremony of Gie Trieng ethnic group in Kon Tum Province will be recreated. After the re-enactment of the traditional wedding ceremony of the Gie Trieng people, there will be activities to introduce traditional culture, such as xoang dance, gongs and enjoying food.