Visitors Explore the Art of Photography with Belgian Photographer

Belgian photographer Elodie Ledure will explore the possibilities of combining creative photography and the natural beauty of the world to create unique perspectives.


Elodie Ledure, a renowned photographer from Belgium, will showcase her creative works in Hanoi this month. She has been invited by the Wallonia-Brussels Delegation in Vietnam to celebrate European Day (May 9) and the International Biennial Photo Hanoi’23. Through a series of activities, Ledure will demonstrate her extraordinary talent and passion for photography to the Vietnamese public. This is a great opportunity for her to share her artistry with the world and leave a lasting impression on the audience.

Ledure is a highly talented photographer who has been producing remarkable pieces of art for many years. Her works are highly appreciated by art critics and have been featured in many prestigious exhibitions in Europe. She has won several awards for her impressive photographs and has been a part of influential art projects.

This visit to Vietnam is sure to be a memorable experience for Ledure as she will be able to demonstrate her creative works in a different cultural setting. It is also a great opportunity for the Vietnamese public to gain exposure to her remarkable works and celebrate the beauty of photography. We wish her all the best for her upcoming visit and hope that she enjoys her stay in Hanoi.

She will showcase her latest collection of paintings titled Orange Wounds at the National Library of Vietnam in Hanoi from May 10th to 16th. This exhibition will feature her most recent works, all of which explore the complex emotions and experiences associated with the color orange. The exhibition is open to the public and provides a unique opportunity to view her art and gain insight into her creative process. People from all over the world are encouraged to attend and explore the beauty and depth of her work.

The experienced 38-year-old photographer is set to join a collective exhibition with renowned international artists, centered around the theme of La Mode. This spectacular event will be held at the Hoan Kiem Lake Pedestrian Zone and is set to run from May 12th to 30th.

Elodie Ledure’s work with Orange Wounds is an exploration of women’s fragility and the reality of fashion photography. Her compositions, which are set in natural contexts or structures, contrast sharply with the typical atmospheres and representations of fashion photography. Through her work, she offers a unique insight into the often-overlooked nuances of femininity and beauty.

 A photo taken by Elodie Ledure.

On this occasion, she will join workshops and meetings with students at Hanoi University and with those majoring in photography at the Hanoi Academy of Theater and Cinema.

Her photography draws the contours of a captivating universe composed of delicate fragilities, eccentric observations, and a yearning for spaciousness.

She has also participated in various group exhibitions in Paris, Vienna, London, and Brussels.

Having lived in Switzerland and the Czech Republic, Elodie Ledure has showcased her art in exhibitions in Belgium, France, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. In 2014, she released her photo book Apnée with Yellow Now publishing house. Additionally, she has taken part in group exhibitions in Paris, Vienna, London, and Brussels.

For several years, she has been a photography teacher at the Saint-Luc University of Fine Arts in Liège, where she completed her studies.

Elodie Ledure’s captivating gaze is an imaginative projection that focuses on close-by locations and objects, allowing us to gain a deeper understanding of them. Her photographs invite us to embark on an intricate journey of exploration and discovery. The Wallonia-Brussels Delegation proudly celebrates her work.

 Photographer Elodie Ledure has various activities in Hanoi. Photo courtesy of Wallonie-Bruxelles Delegation