• Two Vietnamese web series, ‘Phuong Khau’ and ‘Bo Gia,’ have been invited to take part in this year’s Asia Contents Awards competition in South Korea in October.
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‘Phuong Khau’ (The Emperor’s Gift) is an original drama series on royal life during the Nguyen Dynasty, Vietnam’s last feudal rulers. It is set in the Hue Imperial Palace and tells the story of concubines during the reign of King Thieu Tri (1841-47). The 11-episode drama has got more than 2.2 million views on YouTube.

‘Bo Gia’ (Papa) tells the story of a poor family, and has been hailed for its messages about family love and love between people. It is the most seen web series in Vietnam, with its five episodes attracting more than 90 million views.

ACA is an annual contest organized by the Busan Int’l Film Festival for TV, online and OTT content from across Asia.

Last year, it received 75 entries from 17 countries and territories.

By Vnexpress.