Vietnamese artists to join International Army Games 2021

Local singer Luong Nguyet Anh and artists from Vietnam People’s Army Art Troupe are ready for the ‘Army of Culture’ competition in the framework of Army Games 2021.


Cultural and artistic performances have been listed as a category for a competition entitled “Army of Culture” for the first time at this year’s Games.

Luong Nguyet Anh is ready for the Army of Culture’ competition at the International Army Games 2021. Photo courtesy of the artist. 

Renowned folk singer Nguyet Anh (Lecturer of Military University of Culture and Arts, Champion of Sao Mai singing contest in 2020) and dancers from Vietnam People’s Army Art Troupe are rehearsing the Co doi thuong ngan (Goddess of the Forest) folk song for the competition that takes place between August 22 and September 1 at Moscow, Russia. 

The musical genre is often delivered during the practices related to Viet beliefs in the Mother Goddesses of the Three Realms, recognized as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

To prepare for the performance, the artist had to translate the song’s lyrics into Russian, making a complete story that can help international friends understand more about Vietnamese people’s Mother Goddesses worship.

Along with that, Nguyet Anh will perform the famous Russian folk song entitled ‘It hasn’t dark yet, my Goddess!’ and perform a duet with Trinh Phuong, a member of the Vietnam contingent joining the ‘Army of Culture’ contest, the Aria song from ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ musical.

The renowned artist will perform a Vietnamese folk song at the competition that takes place between August 22 and September 1 in Moscow, Russia.  

Luong Nguyet Anh said that she felt quite pressured and stressed when participating in the contest.

“This is the first year that art performance has become a competitive event at the Army Games. All the competitors in the contest are very strong, especially those from the host country Russia,” she stated.

In addition, the Vietnamese contingent will perform some pieces of Vietnamese traditional music with bamboo flute and dan t’rung (bamboo xylophone) folk instruments.

Vietnam contingent has been well prepared for the competition before joining the games that started today.

According to Colonel Dang My Hanh, head of the Vietnamese art troupe to the event, participating in the Army Games will help the artists to improve their performance skills. It is also a good chance to showcase the beautiful sides of Vietnamese people and landscapes, as well as the Vietnamese People’s Army to international friends.

“We are tasked with presenting the cultural identity and traditional essence of Vietnam as well as the image of the Vietnamese People’s Army through our performances,” Hanh said.

Vietnam is one of the 19 countries participating in the ‘Army of Culture’ contest of the Army Games 2021.