Vietnam and Korea to Participate in Cultural Exchange Program in May

In celebration of the 31st anniversary of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and South Korea, an event is taking place as part of the festivities.


The Vietnam Women’s Union in South Korea will host a Vietnam-South Korea cultural exchange event on May 7th to promote Vietnamese culture and strengthen bilateral ties. The event will serve as an opportunity for the two nations to come together and explore their shared values and beliefs. Attendees will have the chance to learn about the countries’ customs, traditions, and history. Additionally, they will be able to take part in traditional activities such as cooking, singing, and dancing. This event is sure to be a memorable one, providing a unique chance for people to experience the culture and heritage of both countries.

Hanoi hosts the Vietnam-South Korea Cultural Exchange in 2022. Photo: The Hanoi Times

The event is part of a series of activities to mark the 31st anniversary of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and South Korea. On this special occasion, both countries will be celebrating the strong ties and amicable relations that have been forged over the past three decades. Through this event, both nations will be further strengthening their cooperation, deepening their understanding, and exploring new opportunities for collaboration. This is a great opportunity to celebrate the long-standing friendship between the two countries and to look forward to even greater success in the years to come.

The Sen Viet Club is hosting a fashion show featuring the latest trends! In addition, there will be a Vietnamese-South Korean singing competition, giving performers the chance to show off their vocal talents. To complete the evening, a performance of traditional musical instruments will take place, allowing everyone to experience the beauty of traditional music. Come and join us for an unforgettable evening of culture and entertainment!

Participants can also enjoy an array of traditional Vietnamese folk games, including shuttlecock competitions, the lively cheraw dance, and charitable activities.

Vietnamese regional specialties, a conical hat drawing, and a lucky draw for souvenirs will all be featured at the event. Enjoy delicious local dishes, take part in the hat drawing, and get a chance to win souvenirs in the lucky draw!

The program is expected to be a fulfilling and enjoyable event for the Vietnamese community in Korea.

The previous event was organized by the Vietnamese Buddhist Cultural Center in Hanoi, the Association for Liaison with Overseas Vietnamese, and the State Commission for Overseas Vietnamese of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

More than 200,000 overseas Vietnamese are currently living, working, and studying in South Korea, according to Mai Phan Dung, Deputy Head of the State Commission for Overseas Vietnamese. He further added that these individuals are making significant contributions to the nation’s economy and culture.

Growing trade ties and the increase in the number of Vietnamese-Korean multicultural families in recent years have contributed to the strengthening of bilateral relations between Vietnam and South Korea.