This interview will look at the drive, aims, and inspiration in helping others – the intense passion and why they find it meaningful. The goal is to uncover insight and provide recommendations for individuals to lead their lives as they want – to achieve their goals, dreams, and ambitions.

Sarah May Low is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She is also a social scientist and researcher whose Ph.D. thesis specializes in Human Communication, Intimate Relationships, Trust, Gender, and Online Dating.


1. Introduce yourself to our audience. What do you do for a living? What are your hobbies and interests, hobbies and interests you keep hidden?

My name is Sarah May Low. I am an Astrologer and Tarot Reader based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I have an insatiable appetite for learning: people and books, philosophy, psychology, music, and spirituality are my sustenance. My objective is to help people discover a balance between their minds and spirit. Astrology and Tarot can help perceive the emotional states of individuals.

I like to sing, read, watch documentaries, Korean dramas, make flower arrangements and paint. Unfortunately, I haven’t done any of these things in a long time, but hopefully, I can go back to them soon. It is actually my Final year for my doctorate. I am pursuing a Ph.D. in Human Communications at one of Malaysia’s top university. My study load is hectic as I have exams and specific KPIs to achieve every month until I graduate in 2022.

2. What are your tips for self-care or on refreshing your thoughts in between reading sessions?

I like to go on daily walks, and I make sure that I meditate at least 15-minutes before I start off my day as calming my mind keeps my readings objective. This is a teaching that I bring to my students at Sarah May Low Tarot Academy. I tell them not to do readings when they are in a bad mood or in a negative state of mind as it is not professional to project negative readings onto client readings.

Like all therapists, self-care is extremely important. Readers also should learn how to detach. I need to be aware of my current thoughts are feelings are my own or that I was bringing other people’s feelings and energy with me.

As I have become more in-tuned with my spiritual self over the years, I also find myself more sensitive to energies. It can vary from tarot-reading session to tarot-reading session, depending on the outcome of the reading. But after that, I focus on doing things that I like and not dwell on my client’s problem.


3. What happens during a Tarot or Astrology reading session?

When I get to know someone new, I take them through the procedure to help them understand what is happening first. I would first ask for their birth date to calculate their birth numerology number and also their numerology for the year. Each numerology number has a card attached to it. I would explain these numerology numbers and cards first, and then I ask the client what category or specific question they would like to look into today.


Sarah May Low

For some people, the entire reading could revolve around a single subject or concept relevant to them. Most readings are related to two main topics – career or relationship, but I also get questions regarding migration, further studies, etc.

However, I mostly prefer it when the person speaking can carry on a conversation, since then we can explore in-depth everything that comes through the cards as verification is necessary throughout the reading.


4. Your skill in reading the cards is evidence of your professional status, and you have over 135 positive 5-star Google reviews. So how do you serve your clients?

If you are interested in finding out more about your spirituality, are interested in challenging your beliefs, or want to make a significant positive change in your life, I can help you with that.

The Tarot can help you investigate your past trauma, healing that you need, better understand your inner self, alleviate your anguish from losing a loved one, unearth your creative spark, and study all these topics: Love life, wealth, success, projects, etc. — all the wisdom of the Tarot can help you with that.


5. How do your clients find you? Where is your office located? Where can they reach you online?

My studio office is located in Puchong Jaya, Selangor State, in Malaysia. International clients can visit my websites:

For Astrology and Tarot Reading bookings:

To enrol for my Diploma in Tarot Divination course:

They can also follow me through Facebook and Instagram: @sarahmaylow