Three Restaurants in Hanoi Receive 1 Michelin Star

The judges of the Michelin Guide have been won over by the authentic taste and freshness of Hanoi's food.


Three restaurants in Hanoi, Vietnam, have been awarded one Michelin star by the world’s most prestigious food ranking organization – the Michelin Guide – for the first time ever. This marks a milestone in the city’s culinary scene and is a testament to the quality of the restaurants’ offerings. The restaurants are iconic Hanoi establishments, serving up traditional Vietnamese dishes with a modern twist and a commitment to excellence. This is a huge achievement for the city and a testament to the hard work and dedication of its culinary professionals.

 Representatives from four Vietnamese restaurants received the title of One Michelin Star Restaurant. Photo: Michelin Guide Vietnam

Gia, Hibana by Koki, and Tam Vi were selected as some of the best 33 Vietnamese restaurants according to the Michelin guide. The announcement was made at a ceremony in Hanoi on June 6. All three restaurants have earned recognition for their outstanding cuisine and quality of service. They are true examples of the finest Vietnamese culinary culture.

Anan Saigon in Ho Chi Minh City is one of the esteemed 1-star Michelin restaurants in Vietnam. This renowned culinary establishment is renowned for its exquisite cuisine and excellent service. The menu at Anan Saigon features a vast selection of traditional Vietnamese dishes, as well as some of the most innovative and flavorsome dishes in the country. Whether you are looking for a light snack or a full-course meal, Anan Saigon is sure to provide you with a memorable dining experience.

The four awarded 1-star Michelin restaurants are among the 103 recommended restaurants – including 48 in Hanoi and 55 in Ho Chi Minh City – and 29 establishments have been awarded a Bib Gourmand for providing excellent food at reasonable prices.

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Gia, a contemporary Vietnamese restaurant run by acclaimed chef Sam Tran, has earned a Michelin star for its remarkable menu. The menu changes with each season, drawing on Vietnam’s rich culinary heritage for inspiration. Featuring deceptively complex dishes, Gia’s beautifully crafted creations boast a delicate balance of subtle flavors, with acidity and texture playing prominent roles.

Hibana by Koki offers a truly unique and unforgettable dining experience at its 14-seat counter located in the basement of the Capella Hotel. Under the watchful eye of chef Hiroshi Yamaguchi, diners are treated to a masterful display of teppanyaki cooking, with an emphasis on complex, decadent flavors. The menu boasts premium ingredients, flown in twice a week directly from Japan; including abalone, spiny lobster, sea urchin, Yaeyama Kyori beef, and Hokkaido hairy crab.

Tam Vi: Step into a vintage teahouse that feels distinctly northern Vietnamese, boasting an array of nostalgic Chinese furniture and handwritten signs. Enjoy a variety of northern Vietnamese dishes, as well as some central and southern options. Sample the Vietnamese ham with periwinkle cha oc (snails) served with fresh herbs, vegetables, and rice vermicelli with fish sauce. Or, try the crab soup with canh cua mung toi (Malabar spinach), featuring a subtle crab flavor in a clear broth.

Restaurants in Hanoi awarded a Bib Gourmand or Inspectors’ Favourites for Quality Cooking at Moderate Prices.

Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of the Michelin Guide, said that the first Michelin Guide selections in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City showcase the varied and distinct offerings of these two cities. He went on to explain that the selections highlight the unique features of each city, emphasizing the distinct flavors and experiences that can be found in each destination.

Hanoi, the vibrant capital of Vietnam, offers a unique atmosphere of tranquillity and serenity, with small shops and eateries mainly found in the old quarter. Traditional Vietnamese cuisine with a Northern flair is widely available, featuring a subtle blend of natural flavors coupled with a variety of spices and herbs to create an exquisite complexity of flavors.

This is just the start of the Michelin Guide’s journey in Vietnam, and the inspectors are looking forward to having the chance to uncover even more gastronomic hotspots in the country in the near future.

Twenty-nine establishments have been awarded a Bib Gourmand or Inspectors’ Favourites for Quality Cooking at Moderate Prices, with 13 eateries located in Hanoi and 16 others situated in Ho Chi Minh City.

In addition to recommending quality restaurants, the Michelin Guide also recognizes and celebrates talented individuals who contribute to enhancing the gastronomic experience. At the recent awards ceremony, three special awards were presented – the Michelin Service Award to Nguyen Thi Nu of Vietnam House Restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City, the Michelin Sommelier Award to Yu Yamamoto of Lua (Fire) in Ho Chi Minh City, and the Michelin Young Chef Award to Sam Tran of Gia.

 Representatives of restaurants in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City receive Michelin’s award of Bib Gourmand Establishments. Photo: Michelin Guide Vietnam