Spanish Embassy holds cultural events to help Vietnamese overcome pandemic

These projects by Spanish Embassy in Vietnam aim to encourage Vietnamese people and the government in the fight against Covid-19.


Three creative projects, including a drawing contest, the release of a football dictionary, and a literary writing contest, are launched by the Embassy of Spain in Vietnam from now until year-end.

The projects are aimed at helping the Vietnamese to get through the boredom and pressures caused by stay-at-home orders. 

The poster of the drawing contest is entitled ‘The World Needs Superheroines’. Photo courtesy of Spanish Embassy in Vietnam 

The drawing contest entitled ‘The World Needs Superheroines’ is held by the embassy in collaboration with the Vietnamese Women´s Museum.

It is open to people of all genders and ages. Contestants do not need to have knowledge about plastic arts, but only wish to showcase their admiration for outstanding women living around them.

The deadline for all entries (submitted in electronic format to the email is October 15. The embassy also holds an online drawing workshop on September 4 for anyone who is interested in the contest.

The first bilingual dictionary on football that was released by the Spanish Embassy in Vietnam, La Liga, and the Cervantes Institute is a gift for football lovers in Vietnam.

The football dictionary about Spanish football clubs was released by Spanish Embassy in Vietnam

Ambassador Pilar Méndez Jiménez said that football and the Spanish language are two global factors, creating cross-border connections. In the context of the epidemic spreading everywhere, people need to get closer together to win this pandemic.

“We hope that the dictionary, like language and sport, will become a tool to help connect our two peoples. Thanks to that, fans of Spanish football clubs will be able to fully enjoy the matches at home, cheer on their football idols and enjoy the great feeling that Spanish football has brought,” the Ambassador stated.

The football dictionary is available for free download at

In addition, the Spanish Embassy in Vietnam has also launched the Literary Writing Contest, aiming at stimulating the habits of reading and writing in Spanish as well as promoting the interest in Spanish culture among Vietnamese youth. The first edition of the contest was held in 2020 with the participation of 156 people who were students of the Spanish language in Vietnam.