South Korea’s Chef Show 2023 with the debut held on May 5 won over audiences in Hanoi. 

 This is a non-verbal performance program that focuses on the artist’s expressions. Photo: KTO

Held by the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) and the Korean Cultural Center in Vietnam, the Chef Show will continue on May 6 and 7, promising to bring emotional moments to Hanoi audiences.

At Bibap Restaurant, the group of eight performers took on the role of chefs. Through delicacies such as Japanese sushi, Italian pizza, the popular Korean mixed rice dish bibimbap, and Vietnamese pho ga (chicken noodle), they gave viewers the opportunity to experience different cuisines from around the world.

At the show, the audience can also interact with the artists. 

The show is a combination of music, hip-hop dance, beatboxing, puppetry, and acting. Over 10 years of development, Chef Show has been innovating more and more to cater to tastes and reach more audiences. This is the first time the show has been introduced to the Hanoi audience. The artists are talented in the Vietnamese language and bring pho ga (chicken noodle) – a Vietnamese delicacy – to the show to make it more Vietnamese.

“We bring Chef Show to Hanoi to introduce special Korean programs to Vietnamese audiences in the hope that Vietnamese tourists to Korea will enjoy these shows,” said Lee Jae Hoon, Chief Representative of KTO Vietnam.

The Chef Show has been performed in 37 countries around the world. 

Since the beginning of this year, Korea has welcomed more than 105,000 Vietnamese tourists, a fivefold increase over the same period last year, according to Lee Jae Hoon.