Photographic Tour of Hanoi’s Craft Villages

A tribute to Vietnam's traditional cultural values will be celebrated at the photo exhibition "Hanoi Craft Villages" and "The Beauty of Vietnam's Regions", which honor the hardworking craftsmen and those who strive to preserve, conserve, and promote the nation's culture.


The exhibition titled “Hanoi Craft Villages” and “The Beauty of Vietnam’s Regions” is currently being held until October 14th at Exhibition Hall 45 Trang Tien. This exhibition is organized to commemorate the 69th anniversary of Capital Liberation Day, which occurred on October 10, 1954.

 The Hang Trong Folk Painting’s Soul Keeper by Vu Ngoc Bao won first prize in the “Hanoi Craft Village” photo contest.

The Hanoi Artistic Photography Association hosted a photo contest, and the captivating images on display at the exhibition are the outcome of this competition.

After a duration of over two months, the Organizing Committee has successfully received a grand total of 1,712 remarkable submissions, originating from 227 highly talented authors. These submissions have been diligently categorized into two distinct themes, resulting in a comprehensive collection.

Fifty-two exceptional photos showcasing the captivating craftsmanship of Hanoi’s Craft Village were carefully chosen to grace the exhibition. A standout entry by Vu Ngoc Bao titled “Hang Trong Folk Painting’s Soul Keeper” was awarded the prestigious first prize. The second prize was granted to Vu Quang Ngoc’s captivating capture, “A Jeweler of Hang Bac Street,” while Le Hoan Dieu’s stunning submission, “Spring Garden – Nhat Tan Traditional Peach Growing Village,” earned the third prize.

Among the 60 works of art capturing “The Beauty of Vietnam’s Regions,” three pieces have been recognized with top honors. The first prize was awarded to “Completion of Rotor and Stator Cage Work in Hydroelectric Power Plant” by Pham Hai Vinh. Tran Thai Son’s “Ma Pi Leng – The Road of Happiness” was awarded the second prize, and Ngo Thanh Huong’s “A Choro Ethnic Kid” took home the third prize.

Nguyen Xuan Chinh, the Vice President of the Hanoi Artistic Photography Association and Head of the Jury, commended the exhibited photographs for their exceptional artistic quality, capturing the essence of Hanoi’s landscape and its people. The images beautifully depicted the beauty of both Hanoi and Vietnam as a whole.

The authors have skillfully captured the essence of everyday life in their photographs. The award-winning images successfully embody the competition’s theme, showcasing authenticity and capturing the essence of people’s daily experiences, as remarked by the speaker.

“A Choro Ethnic Kid” by Ngo Thanh Huong won third prize in the photo contest on “The Beauty of Vietnam’s Regions”.
Photo entitled Ma Pi Leng – The Road of Happiness by Tran Thai Son
The photo work entitled “Completion of Rotor and Stator Cage Work in Hydroelectric Power Plant” by Pham Hai Vinh