City G – a live music series hosted by composer-music producer Duong Truong Giang is exciting Hanoians.

 Composer Duong Truong Giang performs in the show. Photos: Tra My

Starting on August 31, the capital’s audiences will immerse themselves in the upbeat melodies of a  music show to be held once a month.

“This program is expected to add an option for Hanoi music lovers,” said Giang. 

“The show is a playground for young artists who will certainly re-discover their artistryGiang added.

 Young artists including Ha Trung, Phuong Duyen and Tran Nguyen Hai Dang bring to the show their stunning hits like Thu cuoi (Last Autumn), Con mua bang gia (Cold Rain), Ca mot troi thuong nho (A Whole Sky of Love).

However, Oplus, Ha Le and Duong Tran Nghia, the already established names in music stardom also want to join the show,  singing along with young colleagues.

 “What you guys felt this evening while singing, I felt the same way 7-8 years ago. Thank you for being on this stage, even though you were shaking, you all burned out, you guys are warriors,” frantic rapper Ha Le shared after the show.

 “Keep that spirit, even though the road ahead is still thorny, as long as you don’t give up, you will be able to reach the end of the road without falling down,” Ha Le, who earned his fame for remastering big hits of composer Trinh Cong Son, told the young singers. In each show, composer Duong Truong Giang is expected to introduce some junior talents. Apart from voice, their stories and love for music will touch people’s hearts.

Rookie singer Minh Thao said she used to have stage fright and did not dare to sing before the public, and buried her passion for a long time. But the music fervor, like a flame burning inside her, made  Thao enroll in the Vietnam National Academy of Music, determined to become a professional singer,  despite her parents’ fierce opposition.

The audience was touched when Minh Thao’s father came on stage, expressing that when his daughter studied music, the family felt uncomfortable because no one in the family pursued art.

“Now, when I see Thao singing on stage, knowing that she is well-trained and can confidently walk the artistic path,” he said.

The father’s tight hug for Minh Thao made her speechless.  

And Minh Thao is one of the novices whose stories and voices will be the calling card of City G.

 Famous artists joining the program are Duong Tran Nghia, Oplus and Ha Le.